Turbo Jet

The Turbo Jet is a versatile and accurate pneumatic applicator to meter and spread most small seed, including canola, lucerne and teff. It is available with eight or ten outlets and with VS-2 or i-Con control systems.

The VS-2 is ideal to establish or rejuvenate pastures, or to apply low cost cover crops, and the GPS based i-Con provides the ultimate in accuracy required by precision farming.

Turbo Jets can sow small seeds from very low rates down to 2 kg/ha or below, through to full grass seeding at 40+ kg/ha and can be adapted to handle slug pellets prior or after drilling. It can also handle granular products such as fertilizers and herbicides. Seed rolls are standard, while alternative feed rolls are available to enhance performance with micro-granular products.


The Turbo Jet is powered by the 12V battery of the vehicle pulling it. Fluted feed rolls meter the seed and other material into individual air tubes. High capacity fans ensure an even spread and the versatile feed mechanism can easily be adapted for different rates and products. An agitator prevents grass seed from bridging.

Two or three Turbo Jets may be used together to apply seed, fertilizer and slug pellets at the same time while using a single control.

These versatile applicators can be mounted on a wide variety of cultivation equipment such as tined grass harrows up to six meters wide or three meter wide stubble cultivators or even eight meter wide and 20 meter long tillage trains. They are designed to fit both folding and rigid equipment and will work up to 30 meters from the power source. They can be adapted for broadcasting and band sowing and the eight or ten outlets increased to 16 or 20 for the ultimate broadcast effect, or individually blanked off to band sow using a subsoiler.

A 240 litre hopper is standard, with a 400 litre hopper available as a cost option.

  • VS-2 or fully computerized i-Con system (GPS)
  • 5 m fused battery power cable and 6 meter connector and power cables from console to Power Jet
  • Dual fans for optimal air flow
  • An electrical agitator prevents difficult grass seed from bridging
  • Big waterproof, semi-translucent hoppers
  • Blanking spacers and air stoppers to reduce the number of outlets for band seeding with a subsoiler
  • Flexible tubes and clamps
  • Separate small seed rollers for accurate placement. High capacity grass rollers for high rate seeding.

Product booklets: Click HERE to download a copy of a Turbo Jet booklet in full colour. 

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