Rotor Meter

A 2 or 3 row sealed and water resistant 12V DC powered applicator to accurately and safely meter micro and full size granular material, and small seeds. 

Recommended for use in wet conditions, and for the safe application of chemical micro granules (e.g. slug pellets) into sensitive salad and vegetable crops, and sulphur granules, fertilizers, etc. when planting potatoes.

Ideal for establishing grazing pastures using the “tractor wheel” method.

Mix “problem seed” like Smutsfinger, Blue Buffalo and Bristle Grass (Borseltjiegras) with coarse material before spreading.

Features (all models):
• Complete with Vari Speed remote control 
• Product is metered via 24 speed rotating fluted feed rollers. High and low output feed rollers standard
• Gravity fed through 2 or 3 outlets
• Water resistant, leak proof hoppers and feed mechanism for safe application of chemical granules, fertilizers, etc. even in wet conditions 
• Easy to calibrate Easy

Product booklets: Click  HERE to download a copy of a Rotor Meter booklet in full colour. 

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