Micro Meter

A modular machine for the accurate metering and distribution of small seeds and micro granules.

Micro Meters are usually attached to rigid implements to give low cost and reduced pass operations. They are the ideal applicators for seeds such as rape, mustard, stubble turnips, and de-awned grass, and many micro granular materials, including herbicide granules, through to full size slug pellets and low rate prilled fertilizer.

Blanking plates are available for band sowing behind sub-soiler legs to reduce the number of outlets and spreaders are easily ajusted for this purpose.


• Supplied in 1 metre modules that can be used individually or as multiples up to 3 units with a spread or plant width of up to 1,5 m per module
• Integrate with parent implement to give drilled effect or use the spreader for a broadcast effect.
• Remote controlled variable speed 12 V DC motor and 2 speed mechanical gearbox 
• Stepless calibration with sliding rollers and variable speed with up to 48 settings
• 60 kg hoppers. Product metered through 6 outlets per 1 m hopper 

The Combi Drive

The Combi Drive is designed to fit behind and take a mechanical drive from the front Micro Meter to broadcast or band sow slug pellets and granular fertilizers whilst seeding.

The simultaneous and precise placement of pellets and fertilizer cuts costs and eliminates pollution at field margins. Application rates will be proportionate to the forward speed. Separate hoppers facilitate placement at different rates. Slug pellets can be banded on top of the seed, behind the rollers or on top of the soil. Fertilizers can be placed in front, behind or with the seed.

Product booklets: Click HERE to download a copy of a Micro Meter booklet in full colour. 

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